"Technology for the  betterment"
We are IT System Integrator!
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Incorporated in 2008 dedicated to serve our customers towards embracing
"Technology for the betterment"
TEKNOD is an IT company focuses on JAVA development services and IBM Lotus software offerings. In the process of embracing for the "betterment" we have expand our expertise to include opensource and proprietary business reporting tools, file (media) transfer software, Message Queues (MQ) software, Server Monitoring software and System Integration (SI).
Our philosophy- IT should help greening the earth for better establishment. 
Basically in simple words- we are an IT company believes in simplicity and dedicated to work for greener future, whenever we can.
Our core expertise:
  1. JAVA Development
  2. System Integrator
  3. IBM Domino Social Edition System Administrator
  4. IBM Domino Social Edition Application Development
  5. IBM Xpages development
  6. IBM Connection Software
  7. IBM Sametime
  8. IBM Traveler
  9. IBM Websphere
  10. IBM Directory Integrator
  1. Managing Director
    Front Desk
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
    Title 10